Courtyard clean-ups

Jenna C., Staff Writer

The courtyard area has few plants and a few tables for students to sit and eat lunch and has been evolving. By creating a safer and a place where students can eat lunch, walk through to get to class, and hangout during their free period, clubs and organizations are working together [to transform the courtyard] to create a spot for students and teachers.

“I agree adding more tables and chairs should be considered [to sit] because we only have four tables out there and people are [always] fighting over who,” said sophomore Olivia K.

By creating more space for tables and chairs, more students can enjoy eating outside in the spring and fall. 

“Everyday I walk through [the courtyard] and I wish there were more flowers and plants,” said sophomore Austin R.

While some go through the courtyard to create a shortcut, others don’t because it’s unwelcoming nature claiming a walkway for students should be considered. The courtyard would be used a lot more often, similar to how the Commack Middle School students use their courtyard.

“[The courtyard] feels pretty dirty and it needs new trees, new plants, and needs to be taken care of more,” said sophomore James C.

Cleaning up the courtyard for the wildlife outside of it. By doing this it would be creating a safer environment for plants and animals. By planting more plants and cleaning up the homes of some of the animals, such as birds and geese, that live in it then the courtyard would become a place for all to enjoy.

“[Cleaning up the courtyard] is a good way for students to give back to their community of the school,” said Spanish teacher Maria Edlund.

Edlund has taken part in making change in our courtyard by starting a Courtyard Beautification in Spanish Honor Society. She has come up with new ideas to put in the courtyard. Such as donating a plaque from the Spanish Honor Society students with their graduating year. Edlund plans on doing Courtyard Cleanup every year with the Spanish Honor Society. She plans on planting more plants and picking up weeds. She believes that by just starting with the courtyard, we could expand cleaning up outside. With both students and teachers taking part in this event, they can make a change in our courtyard benefitting our school community. 🔳