Regents are back

Students thoughts, worries, concerns

Kristine K., Staff Writer

Many high school students have different concerns, thoughts, and views on the Regents exams. This is due to the impact it may have on their grades as well as the expectations that have been put in place by others or themselves.

“I’m pretty anxious [about Regents exams] but this year, with in person regents review, I feel pretty ready to get these tests over with,” said freshman Sarah L., over text.

While some students may be nervous, many are ready to get tests over with and enjoy their summer break. 

“I’m nervous for all of them [the Regents] and I don’t know if I am going to do well. I am mostly scared for biology because I don’t know if I’m going to remember everything,” said freshman Natalie B. 

Many students are taking their first Regents this year, others may be slightly more experienced test taking. 

“This is not my first [year taking the] Regents, I took the living environment [test] last year. Walking into my first Regents, I was literally mortified. I felt unprepared but I was prepared to fail. Coming out of the test I felt relieved that it was over,” said Sarah L. 

There may be continued jitters from last year’s Regents lingering while testing is around the corner. For other students, last year’s testing wasn’t so traumatizing. It may not have been as challenging as expected.  Others may have opted out of the testing. 

“[The Regents] was hard because it was right after the Covid-19 pandemic and they were the first ones we did. I felt unprepared but I didn’t do horribly and I studied a lot,” said freshman Sophie B. 

There are many different ways to prepare for these upcoming tests. Different methods work for different people, individuals just have to find what works for them. Various departments have also been offering a series of regents review classes pertaining to various subjects for students to attend.

“To prepare  for this year, I’m going to go to Regents review classes and studying with friends,” said freshman Parris D., over text. 

Students are also opinionated when it comes to New York being the only state that holds Regents exams. 

“I think its a little unfair because we are the only [State] that have to [take Regents] and we get put through a lot of stress for it. But it also prepares us for other tests,” said Natalie B.

There are several activities students can do to release stress from all the upcoming events, assignments, and testing.

“I try not to worry about the test, but a way I cope with [stress] is through sports and hanging out with friends,” said Parris D.

Different coping mechanisms work for different students.

I usually take a nap and if not, I go outside when there is nice weather,” said Natalie B. 🔳