Battle of the Classes returns

Francesca Marzo, Chief Reporter

Battle of the Classes is an event where all the classes come together to compete against each other in a series of competitions. It came back this year along with spirit week in full power on May 27. 

In order to win a spirit day your class must have the most people dressed up/ participating. This year’s spirit week resulted with the sophomore class winning 4 out of 5 of the days, although seniors were expected to dominate. The school spirit seen across Commack High School was much more than most students anticipated, after last year’s spirit weeks were modified due to Covid-19. 

“I was excited to see how many people participated. I thought no one in my grade was going to, so I was surprised,” said sophomore Emily D., via text. 

Pop up events were held across the school before first period each day of the week to give the opportunity for classes to earn additional points. The games involved students from each grade to compete in small competitions. Some included guessing songs from each decade and playing a makeshift videogame. 

“My favorite flash event was  “not your average reality” because it was really fun to play a little game in the gym with everybody,” said sophomore Samantha C. 

During the event on Friday each class had the opportunity to showcase their teamwork skills. The games included the obstacle course, human croquette, chaos, and tug of war. The classes also prepared dances to perform in between each game. 

“My favorite moment was when I did the junior dance with everyone. It was really funny because no one really knew what we were doing. I only knew the first part, but we managed to make it work,” said junior Kelsey T. 

The event was held on the turf rather than being in the gym as it has been in prior years.  

“When the weather started to stir up a little wind and the boxes [from the event ‘Chaos’] started flying away,” said Emily D.

The final outcome put seniors in first place, sophomores in second, juniors in third, and freshmen in last. 🔳