A tribute to the Premier Diner

Jordan Vogel, Staff Writer

A community is characterized by its landmarks. Those places that everyone in town knows and visits on the regular are important when it comes to defining a communal identity. Enter the Premier Diner, an iconic fixture of Commack since 2005, located at 690 Commack Road.

“I don’t know a single person who hasn’t been there at least once. I’ve gone there for family functions and after school concerts with all my friends,” said sophomore and frequent patron Dara G.

The diner has been a lifelong favorite of mine, and on my most recent lunchtime visit, I ordered my tried and true go-to, tuna on rye (lightly toasted, of course) with french fries and a hot cup of coffee. The tuna sandwich was, as always, deliciously seasoned and heightened with the inclusion of perfect little chunks of celery. The fries were cooked to a breathtakingly perfect golden brown, which made for a satisfying crunch in every bite. The coffee was just as it should be, served in an off-white mug and filled to the very top. All in all, the dish was comforting in a way that only lovingly prepared food can be. One of the diner’s greatest strengths is its wide variety of menu options. 

“It’s definitely a staple in the community, everybody goes there. My favorite thing to get is the banana pancakes,” said sophomore and patron Dylan S.

The impact the Premier Diner has had on the people of its community is clearly one of heartfelt fondness and treasured memories, an accomplishment to be sure. It’s an immensely impressive feat to have brought together friends and family with a welcoming atmosphere and great food so consistently over the course of 17 years, but it’s one that the Premier has executed flawlessly. The Premier Diner is a household name to the majority of Commack residents for good reason, and with luck it’ll remain that way for years to come. 🔳