Fun with a birdie

Casey Schwartz, Staff Writer

The boys and girls varsity badminton teams held their annual doubles badminton tournament on May 19.

Anyone ranging from young children to adults could participate. The entrance fee was $15. The proceeds ultimately go towards new equipment including birdies, rackets, and nets. Through these funds a generous badminton scholarship is also given to a Varsity senior. Many fundraisers have been placed throughout the season, like the selling of snacks outside the gym after school, including this one, to contribute to these as well. 

According to freshman varsity athlete Mehek S, more than 45 pairs played, each bringing their own skills and strategies that they used in their matches.

“The way that almost a hundred people from Commack High School and the area saved time in their busy schedules to come support the badminton community is heartwarming. It’s nice to see such a large gathering for such an unpopular and individualized sport,” said Mehek S. 

The competition lasted about three hours and consisted of five rounds, leading up to the final championship match, which crowned Joon C. his partner victorious. As a prize, the duo won a gift card to Cabo Fresh. 

“Although me and my partner unfortunately did not win, it was still enjoyable to watch talent in such a fun sport with an exciting and intrigued audience. Of course me and my partner wanted to win, but we saw the tournament as a fun and stress-free experience,” said freshman participant Dylan Lee. 

Not only was the event competitive, but it brought together students both with and without experience. People from all different age ranges and cliques cheered on various teams, many of which they were unfamiliar with prior to the event. Sahaj P, a sophomore and varsity member, mentioned that the bracket of doubles, and not singles, drastically benefited the turnout, as it took off the pressure of winning and added a sense of teamwork into the atmosphere. 

“Your partner was always there to encourage you, motivate you, lift you up, and of course help you. You could tell by walking into the gym that bonds were growing and friendships were evolving,” said Sahaj P.

The tournament was truly a beneficial experience by many of its participants, like sophomore athlete Kevin M.

“I cannot wait for next year,” said Kevin M. 🔳