Julie T. wins track state championship

Reece H., Staff Writer

Junior Julie T. won the NYS Championship for shot put at the NYSPHSAA Federation Championship in Staten Island, NY on March 5.

After joining the track team when she was a freshman, Julie found her footing at the throwing circle. 

“A lot of my friends were doing it [track] and it was between track or bowling and I wanted to do something that would keep me in shape for softball season, so I chose track,” said Julie T.

As for all of us, the Covid-19 pandemic changed the way we did things. That also goes for school sports, some seasons were canceled and athletes did not have a chance to get out and have fun. Julie’s experience with track during Covid-19 was somewhat familiar from what she had experienced in the past. 

“It was really different competition-wise, meets were just not the same there weren’t as many people, however they [meets] were still pretty competitive which was nice,” said Julie T.

Making it to the state championship but it was not easy work. She trained by consistently throwing every day and also some weight lifting. There were many obstacles but with continuity, even when you don’t see change for a while, it truly helps in the long run. She trained to get to where she needed to be. Hard work really paid off in the end for her. 

“It was very hard but also very rewarding. I basically worked everyday for a month leading up into states to really refine my technique as well as working out to be as strong as I possibly could be,” said Julie T.

Julie’s coach, Dr. Matthew Cardinale and also school psychologist, was a huge part of her success. He helped her every practice to get better and really pushed her to get to the next level. 

“I really couldn’t have done it without my coach, Dr. Cardinale. Everyday after school he would work with me to make sure I was in the best spot for the state championship and I had no option but to show up and do my best,” said Julie.

At the NYSPHSAA Federation Championship Julie threw 40-10.50 getting first place by almost four inches, which does seem that much but in a game of inches, it is.

“It felt amazing [winning the championship]. It felt like all my hard work was worth it,” said Julie T.

Winning the state championship gave Thomas the opportunity to travel to the New Balance National Championship later that month taking home 15th place. 🔳