Maryum W., Chief Reporter

By Maryum Waqar, Chief Reporter

Attending SUNY Stony Brook University

Being the first born daughter to immigrant parents made coming into high school rough. I brought with me an elevated level of anxiety and was met with opportunity. With no individual before me, my high school experience is one I had to carve out myself. As I recall my first time walking into Commack High School I remember the gut wrenching feeling of not knowing where to go and the yearn to return back to my vacationing days in Pakistan. 

Now that it’s come time to leave, I find myself enveloped in that same feeling as I ponder how to approach college. The difference, however, lies in my confidence. I thank Commack for building up my belief in myself and my abilities. The young, opportunity seeking freshman me found refuge in the realm of science research surrounded by amazing mentors and role models. I thank Mrs. Collette for instilling in me a love for research and her amazing ability to reassure panicking teens. 

In writing this farewell letter I have come to realize that my high school experience has shaped me into the individual I am today and allowed me to have a passion that I feel excited to pursue in college. The IB diploma and its teachers have educated me through coursework that is applicable to the real world. The variety of extracurricular activities have helped me develop into the person I am today. 

From experiencing the peaks of  the COVID pandemic, I discovered the value of time management and mental health. Crisis management and adaptation are just two skills that my high school experience has left me. 

As I say farewell I am proud of who I have become and the marks I leave throughout different departments. By exhibiting art pieces and writing research papers  to managing clubs like ICS, I was able to grasp my potential and meet the expectations of my parents.

I leave high school proud of my communication skills which I developed through language classes and The Courant. I appreciate the voice I found through The Courant and was able to apply this voice when speaking about my passions and values, like advocating for representation. 

As I aspire to become a surgeon, I know that my articles for The Courant have allowed me to communicate with a greater audience and I thank Mrs. Semple for her encouragement and guidance that has inspired me to continue to write.

And so I say farewell to Commack High School. It gave me a plethora of opportunities that captivated my interests and prepared me for my future medical endeavors. Even though the college application process and the stress of IB exams made it seem as if high school was impossible, I know that years from now I will be able to reflect on these times and cherish the exciting opportunities and experiences that I delved into. 🔳