Zeynep T., Copy Editor

By Zeynep Tasoglu, Copy Editor 

Attending SUNY Stony Brook University

Entering high school, I had a clear mindset of what I wanted to do: research. Perhaps my older brother’s successful career in the research department or my recent curiosity in microbiology was what led me to decide that research was going to be my primary focus… and it was….well until it wasn’t

My freshman year was occupied by a project on antibiotic resistance. I would streak, grow, and then measure the bacteria’s zone of inhibition countlessly, to see if the antibiotics were successful

My sophomore year, no surprise was essentially the same project but with new antibacterials and strains of bacteria. However, it was also the first time I had an interest in extracurriculars other than research. I joined new clubs like Science Olympiad and ExploraVision and decided to further pursue Computer Science classes. My most surprising addition to my schedule, though, was The Courant.

Prior to joining The Courant, I was wary that I would enjoy journalism. I was sure that the restricting nature of journalism and my tendency to shy away from talking to new people would both bore and scare me. At first, it did. Suddenly, I had to forget the way we were taught to structure our writing. The introductions and a conclusion I was so used to writing, were now to be replaced by ledes followed by a series of transitions and quotes. And of course, to write a decent story, I needed at least a handful of interviews. Initially, The Courant was one of my more stressful clubs. My lack of knowledge of journalism unsparingly revealed itself in my first drafts, where I would write long paragraphs with a few sources. Now, in my third year of being a part of The Courant where I became a copy editor, I can say that my writing improved and my ability to speak to new people did as well.  

As I prepare to begin a new life at Stony Brook University, I realize how different by future is turning out to be than how I thought it would when I began high school. Although I still continue and plan to continue research at university, it is no longer the primary path I want to follow. That primary path is now for computer science, with research and journalism having their own smaller yet prominent paths. For this, I want to thank many teachers. Thank you to Mrs. Holmes for always inspiring me to push myself and revealing how surprising computer science can be. Thank you to the research department for guiding me as I try to discover something new. And of course, thank you to Mrs. Semple for showing me how fun and rewarding journalism is.

I hope that as [students] try to make his or her own path, they won’t shy away from pursuing new interests, as they all have the potential to add something to one’s life. 🔳