Lakxshanna (Lexi), Managing Editor

By Lakxshanna Raveendran, Managing Editor

Attending Yale University

It feels like a million years have passed since I handed in my application to join The Courant as a starry-eyed freshman. With a shutdown and a hybrid school year, my high school experience has drastically differed from my initial expectations, and nearly every aspect of my life has been thrown off course. The last few years have been filled with anxiety, stress, and exhaustion as a result of the constant sense of change in my life. I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time trying to compensate for the loss of the “perfect high school experience” I had previously envisioned. However, after taking time to reflect, I’ve come to realize that despite all of the unexpected changes I’ve faced, I’m so grateful for how I spent my time at CHS. 

We all experience change, but we rarely perceive unexpected changes in a positive light. If I could offer one piece of advice to freshmen, it would be to make the best out of every situation instead of dwelling on the ‘what-ifs’. After four years of self-doubt and sleepless nights, I look back and realize that I could have never anticipated the future I’ve created for myself. Joining The Courant, the fencing team, and Brainstormers were never part of my plan for success as an overly-eager underclassman. Regardless, these experiences have given me the memories and relationships I value the most. On the same note, I never would have expected to be pursuing my newfound passions for computer science and political science with a double major at a university so close to home. Reflecting on how far I’ve strayed from the path I set out to follow as a freshman reveals how much I’ve grown, and how change is not only valuable but it is inevitable

Choosing to join The Courant was an extremely rewarding decision. What I found within the Publishing Suite, aside from the amazing candy bowl, was an opportunity to connect with the entire Commack community, students and staff alike. I’m grateful to The Courant for helping me find my writing style and form new friendships (there’s no better way to bond than wearing matching shirts and spending layout sessions together). Thank you to Mrs. Semple for creating an extremely welcoming learning environment, and putting so much time and energy into this amazing publication/family. 

My time here would not be as memorable without my friends and teachers. Thank you to the science research team for supporting me throughout all of my endeavors, especially presenting my work ISEF. Thank you to my friends that joined me in advocating for educational equity, and those who helped me find the voice to publicly share my opinions and experiences. 

It’s been four wonderful years since I handed in that application. I’m extremely proud of what I’ve accomplished in high school, and I’m excited to move forward with the next chapter of my life. 🔳