Soyoun (Ashley) M., Managing Editor

By Soyoun M., Managing Editor

Attending Harvard University

The past 4 years have transpired in a whirlwind of emotions; feeling stressed with courseloads, anxious for tests, reassured for the weekend, and joyful with friends. Likewise, graduating makes me eager for what lies ahead but nostalgic for all of the years I’ve spent in the Commack halls. 

Despite being unfamiliar at first, The Courant was a family I knew I wanted to join. Every student harbors diverse intellectual curiosities, yet strives towards a common goal – to find a voice and to stand for it. I am so grateful for my time at The Courant. Conducting interviews, pitching ideas, and making a goal into a reality is what I found to be ordinary in the Suite. I am sure that I will take what I’ve learned from this publication with me into college and beyond. 

As I reflect upon the countless hours I’ve devoted to the Publishing Suite, band room, research room, and the mini trips to the cafeteria for Cinnamon Toast Crunch, I realize the home I’ve made at CHS. High school is by no means an easy feat. We’ve made it through the homework, projects, presentations, tests, finals, and the dreaded college application process. In these moments, I know that it is difficult to stop and smell the roses, but CHS has truly provided a community where I’ve found meaningful friendships and connections with peers and teachers alike. 

As my high school career comes to an end, I would like to thank my friends and teachers for their support and an experience like no other. I especially thank the science research team for an irreplaceable journey of becoming a scientist and of course, Mrs. Semple, for her guidance and encouragement into becoming an inquisitive and creative student. 

I am so excited to make a new home in Cambridge next fall, which was made possible through my academic and personal growth at CHS. Congratulations to the Class of 2022!🔳