Financial freedom is only a step away

Julian F., Chief Reporter

The new Personal Financial Club is for students with an interest in finance who will have an opportunity to learn more about how to invest and save their money. 

The goal of this newly found club is to encourage students to begin the road to financial independence. 

“Schools never really teach much about finance. I’m grateful that my parents taught me, and I just wanted to get other students inspired to take control of their own personal finance,” said club co-founder, senior Ryan P.

Students interested in the club can contact business teacher Robert Plechner for information regarding joining. The club has had meetings which are announced in advance, discussing how the stock market works, giving investment tips, playing financial trivia games, talking about how to invest in real estate, and most recently on March 1, the club had the honor of hearing from Jason Kahen, a real estate investor. The club members were able to learn from his story and ask him questions regarding his work. 

“I believe that as we go into adulthood, there are a lot of aspects to life that our parents have taken care of for us. This club hopefully will help students going through this [period of] transition to get their feet wet in finance and help them be financially secure in the long run,” said club co-founder Issar C.

Many people enter college with no idea of how to utilize their financial earnings in an efficient way. This club will teach students how to invest their money safely, do taxes, save their money, and explore different types of investment options.

“So far, this club has been great. As a person with financial interests, I’ve learned many important things that will hopefully help me when I’m an adult. I was very excited when I saw that this club was going to start because I felt that having another way to learn about finance in the school would be great,” said personal finance club member Amantej R.

The finance club will educate students on key principles in the world of finance. 🔳