Establishing a musical tradition: Pops Cabaret Night

Eunice Jeon, Staff writer

The Commack High School Music Department held the first ever Pops Cabaret Night where students performed together and showcased their musical talents on February 15. 

“Pops” refers to popular music, while “Cabaret” refers to a smaller setting gig, allowing for intimate performances of musicians from singers to instrumentalists. This student-driven event brought much excitement along with high expectations from teachers and students.

“We’re really excited as it’s the first time we’re doing [Pops Cabaret]. First of all, it’s all student-driven, so the students have organized the groups, they’ve rehearsed themselves […] and I’m just looking forward to being the bystander,” said orchestra teacher Dr. Frank Hansen.

Auditions were held for students who wanted to perform and those who were accepted rehearsed with their respective groups. 

“I had a really good experience. […] I know everybody put in so much effort and the talent level was great,” said sophomore singer Julia L., who performed a duet to “Somewhere Only We Know.”

Many appreciated the introduction of modern music performances.

“We didn’t really have much of a music program last year, so it was pretty cool to [perform] again,” said sophomore singer Brooke B.

Audience members witnessed various talents and encouraged their fellow student performers.

“Everyone was really good and you can tell that everyone has such a love for music,” said sophomore Olivia A.

Others provided similar positive feedback and praised the musicians.

“I would tell all [the performers] to keep doing what they’re doing because they’re entertaining [so many] people and they’re brightening everyone’s day,” said sophomore Sofia P.

The vision of Pops Cabaret was to get students creatively involved in musical performances.

“I think the goal is to get students more involved in the process of creating art […] and hopefully more students are going to see these performances and say ‘Hey, you know what, I really want to do that next year’,” said Hansen.

The music department hopes that Pops Cabaret Night becomes a yearly tradition. 🔳