Trendsetting in 2022

Sophie D., Staff Writer

With summer just around the corner, students are noticing certain social trends regarding things to do, foods to eat, and clothing items to wear. 

Here are some new trends in terms of makeup and clothing to wear everyday. 

“This summer, there’s going to be a lot of effortless ‘no-makeup’ makeup looks along with natural hairstyles, really embracing your true beauty without doing too much. Definitely Y2K looks and terry cloth fabric will be popular this summer. White sneakers are a staple for everyone’s closet. I would also recommend Princess Polly for some nice dresses and sets. Edikted and Adika also have a lot of sales and you can start shopping now because they have all the upcoming summer trends ready to buy, ” said sophomore Emma S. 

There are also some previous clothing trends that are not as popular anymore.

“Stripes are out, chevrons are out, Birkenstocks are out, and skinny jeans do not fit the vibe for this summer,” said Emma S.

Over the summer, there are many places to go while rocking the newest fashion trends. Whether you are looking to hang out by Long Island’s shores or want to catch a bite in some of the most delicious restaurants, here are some students’ favorite trendy spots. 

“I would definitely recommend Fire Island. It’s really fun, and has a great social scene. You can take a short ferry ride to get there. The ferry is in Bay Shore and it’s a great time. There’s a lot of excellent food places and I just love it. Montauk is another amazing summer spot. It’s about an hour’s drive away and always a really great time. You can stay there for the week or just a weekend at a hotel right on the beach. Glow Night at Skyzone in Deer Park is also a top nighttime activity to do,” said sophomore Kaitlyn M. 

Considering the heat on Long Island during the summer months can be brutal, it is essential to know the best places to cool off. 

“An açaí bowl is my go to summer snack. It’s really quick, and really easy. You gobble it all up, and it’s really nutritious. It comes with berries and granola and any other toppings you want and is a very cold refreshing summer snack,” said sophomore Giuliana C. 

Students also have restaurants they enjoy eating at and go to a lot over the summer. 

“My local hot spot to visit over the summer is Fire Island so, I highly recommend Taco Beach, in Ocean Beach. They have the best tacos out there,” said Giuliana C. 

Other students have places they go to, simply for the ambiance.

“I enjoy Smokin’ Al’s famous BBQ joint. I like the moist sliced brisket. Over the summer Smokin’ Al’s is open and smokin’, so come on in for a great time,” said sophomore Maxwell H. 🔳