Here’s to a great senior year

Stephen M., Chief Reporter

Senior year of high school can best be described as a bittersweet feeling. 

The bitter part stems from seniors leaving behind the final remnants of their childhood, as they say goodbye to their friends, and move on from a place that is filled with so many memories, with that place being their high school. The sweet part stems from senior year being the final year of a student’s high school journey – maybe even their educational journey – as they march onto the next chapter of their lives into college, or possibly the workforce. 

Although both of these components should be the case for many students, it is unfortunately not in my opinion. Instead, I find that there is a gloomy atmosphere that is set with juniors as they approach their senior year. Due to factors such as ensuring that grades remain good, maintaining a social life, and especially with the college application process, senior year can seem stressful both in an academic and social sense.

Even though these are valid concerns that a lot of incoming seniors share, it should by no means detract from the overall great feelings that come from one;s senior year of high school. After all, this is the final year that many students will have to make memories with childhood friends.

Moreover, school is not simply about the academics, nor is it all about the social aspects and becoming “popular.” Being successful through high school is a balancing act between academics and a social life, as both of these aspects must be maintained and nurtured.

Even though there still might be a cloud of stress over the heads of many incoming seniors, maintaining a balance is a crucial way to appreciate their senior year. Thus, seniors are not only setting themselves up to be successful in high school, but also college, work, and the rest of their lives.

With all of this being said, future seniors should also take the time to savor every second of their senior year, as they hopefully remain motivated throughout, as long as each and every moment is savored. 

“What’s going to happen is that you’re going to wish your days away and one day you will be saying to yourself, ‘Wow, I wish I could have done more while I was in high school.’ Because now you cannot relive those days, you don’t want them to pass you by, so make the most out of your days every time you walk into this building,” said social studies teacher and co-adviser of the Office of Student Life. Dr. Jeziorski.

This further emphasizes the idea that everyone has a limited amount of time in high school, and the feelings get much more sentimental as one approaches their graduation. Therefore, it should be fully emphasized that juniors should make the most out of their senior year while they are still able to make memories that will hopefully last a lifetime. After all, it is never too late to make new friends, join a new club, or try out for a sport to assist in making memories and friendships along the way.

This is the final time that these students will be in high school, walk the hallways of the place that has infused them with so many memories, and cherish the limited time that they still have with their friends. Then, a day will eventually come in which they will be in their caps and gowns on a blisteringly hot June afternoon to receive their diplomas, all the while they reflect on their journey through high school. 

Incoming seniors will hopefully find that their senior year is not all that terrible. Senior year, as long as a healthy balance of both academics and a social life are maintained, has the potential to produce some of the greatest moments of a young person’s life. To future incoming seniors, remember senior year will be the final time for making memories that will last a lifetime with friends that have been by your side for years at this point, so make the most of it! With that being said, good luck, and carpe diem. 🔳