Clubs’ community service

Melanie R., Staff Writer

Clubs at Commack High school perform community service activities for the town and beyond. 

“Part of living in a community is to work with each other and look out for the needs of each other, make sure that nobody is struggling too much, and when they are, give them a hand. So, I think that obviously benefits the person being helped and also it benefits the group that is doing the helping,” said Human Rights Club adviser Derek Pope. 

Community service helps those who are being assisted, but it also helps the person who is completing these acts of kindness. 

“It takes a village to raise a child. […] When everybody works together and helps each other out, it just makes the community and the whole area so much better,” said Glamour Gals adviser Catherine Bongo-Liselli. 

Students are constantly working together to make a positive change in whatever way they can. Collaboration is a major part of this, along with having important conversations. 

“The goal of the Human Rights Club is to provide a space for people, for students to come and talk about issues, whether they are local issues or worldwide issues. So, our main focus is that we are a place where you can come and feel free to express opinions and thoughts,” said Pope

Students are free to discuss important issues without any negative feedback from others. Clubs create a positive environment where community service can be implemented. 🔳