Handling those horrible habits

Jenna Caputo, Staff Writer

Different students struggle with bad habits both in and out of school while experiencing stress, due to homework, tests, and meeting new people. 

Students can deal with many different forms of bad habits. From tapping your foot to picking at one’s skin or lips. Some habits are normalized like staying up late, having poor time management skills, and being a procrastinator. 

“I struggle with not getting enough sleep at night. [In my] morning classes, first through fourth, I’m usually really tired […]. It’s hard for me to stay attentive and focused because I’m trying to stay awake,” said sophomore Samantha B.

Staying up late at night can be due to staying on your phone, working on homework in classes, or taking a nap after school. Using social media may also be a factor in this. Consider putting time limits on your phone to prevent the over usage of technology, in order to get better sleep at night.  

It can be difficult to continue to do work and socialize during the day when you don’t have enough sleep. Taking some of these tips can help you if you also struggle with staying up late.

“A bad habit I struggle with is procrastinating. [It] affects me in my school life because sometimes I won’t complete assignments or I will wait until the last minute, stay up late, and be tired the next day,” said sophomore Ava D.

Procrastination means distracting yourself from the task that’s needed to be completed. When you have a lot of homework and tests to study for but you don’t feel like doing it, you will procrastinate with other things. This leads to having very little time to complete all of the work and causes even more stress. Procrastination is very difficult to overcome when you have no motivation. Having help from an adult and friends could help gain motivation. 

This applies to all bad habits. For example, instead of biting your lips or nails, chew gum. Instead of picking at your skin, play with a ring. You won’t overcome the habits right away and most likely will backtrack a few times. But, if you stick with these simple tips, you will soon get to where you want to be. 🔳