Northerners heading south

Kate Bitonti, Staff Writer

Between the weather, beaches, and even drinking water, New York and Florida are somewhat opposite states. 

Lilianna P. is a sophomore here at Commack High School, but attended the first few months of this school year at Gulf Coast High School in Naples, Florida. Her experience in both locations has allowed her to experience some changes in her new schooling. 

It’s no secret that Florida’s temperature can be brutally hot, especially when starting the school year in August. This, nonetheless, did not impact their strict dress codes. 

“[Administration] was super strict. You were not allowed to wear any shorts that weren’t past your fingertips [when held by one’s side]. Everyone mainly wore leggings [because of this],¨ said Liliana P. 

In Commack, students can dress according to the weather, as there is a more lenient dress code here. 

The architecture of the schools also differs. 

“In Florida the classes are inside, but to get to your classes you have to walk outside. Even all of the stairs are outside,” said Liliana P.

These students were fully indoors during classes, but lunch was also in an outdoor setting with tables.

Students of Gulf Coast High School would receive lunch detention when reaching a certain number of tardies.

¨If you were late to school 3 times out of the week, then the pass [you received] would say lunch detention,¨ said Liliana P.

Over 33,500 people living in New York have picked up their bags and moved to Florida within the last 10 months, according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

If moving to Florida is a topic in a student’s household, these differences may sway  a family’s decision. 🔳