One step ahead

Ibrahim R., Staff Writer

During a runner’s meet they would have only one thing in mind: victory. But how does one achieve it? First is hard work and effort, and the second is the shoes.

The impact running cleats have had for the past century have changed the perspective of some people. Trainers are usually a go-to for everything running related, whether it be races or training. But, in a race, runners are at a disadvantage with trainers, as spikes are better equipped for the track. A track’s terrain is smooth and slightly soft, with spikes. The spikes in the shoe dig into the ground and give more traction, thus producing more speed as it generates more energy at every step. 

“My first race in freshman year, with no prior knowledge, I ended up at 8 minutes and 20 seconds and came in around 15th place. After buying my first pair of Adidas spikes, I got immediate results. I got around 5th,” said Nick C., employee at Smithtown Running Company.

There also has been an increase in sales regarding spikes as new and improved shoes have been released, such as Nike’s Dragonflies. They have a carbon fiber padding and also include new technologies for speed and comfort. 

“It’s proven scientifically, biomechanically and psychologically that spikes will make you run faster,”  said varsity track coach Steven Lurie. 

Although not required, these shoes can make an athlete’s race one they will remember. 🔳