Commack’s 2022 resolutions

Eunice J., Staff Writer

As the year comes to an end, the Commack High School community reviewed both accomplishments and struggles from 2021, along with new goals for 2022.

A prominent achievement for the school was its reopening to full-time class instruction after being semi-virtual in the last school year.

“I think that our biggest achievements are [that we are] starting to open back up and not just rebuild our old traditions but also start new traditions that have come out of the circumstances of the pandemic,” said student life adviser Richard Suchopar.

Some of these traditions included the resurgence of Homecoming, pep-rally, and musical winter concerts. Even the introduction of new traditions, such as float building was a notable accomplishment. It started during the pandemic, but it’s success carried into this new school year. 

All of these events play an important role in giving students a notable high school experience.

“The greatest accomplishment [is] that we’re doing [these events] in a safe way, to make sure everyone is healthy, but also to give all the high school students the experience that they deserve,” said principal Carrie Lipenholtz. 

A major goal mentioned by Lipenholtz for the new year was to help get students involved in more school activities such as clubs, extracurricular, or even spirit days. Having more students participate in events can contribute to a positive atmosphere in the building.  

“[Administrators] want to do more with getting kids involved in sports, clubs, music, and participating in spirit days. [We want to] make it a positive culture here in the building so that everybody is reconnecting back to Commack High School because it’s been so long,” said Lipenholtz.

In addition to more student involvement, a significant objective for the upcoming year is to continue to show unification.

“I think we can just continue to open up and continue to form that sense of unity among students,” said class of 2024 president Connor S.

Furthermore, it was mentioned that it is important to work together as a school community against these difficult times.

“I definitely want us all to keep staying together and we’re all going to get through this tough time,” said class of 2023 president Jack L.

All in all, there was an abundance of noteworthy accomplishments from 2021, and more to expect in 2022. Throughout the new year, showing unity and introducing more students to the inner-workings of the school can create a precedent of positive culture for future years. 

“Make the positive so loud, it drowns out the negative,” said Suchopar.

By working together, the Commack High School community can make 2022 an amazing year.🔳