Workin’ it out in the gym

Reece H., Staff Writer

To keep physical education a fun and welcoming class, Commack High School offers a few different courses. 

An option that is given for students who favor the individual sports, is Individual Activities. The class was designed to help the students that enjoy sports that aren’t team based still get some physical activity throughout the day. According to the Commack School District website, the course offers sports such as yoga, tennis, badminton, archery, golf, and pickleball.

 “I feel that Individual Gym is more casual and that’s why I like it more. Those sports can be played at your own pace,” said junior Jack G. 

Team Activities appeals to students more interested in team sports. The curriculum includes playing football, basketball, volleyball, and track & field. Throughout the 4 weeks that each sport is played, teams play each other in a “regular season” of friendly matches. The first and second place teams of each gym class then play each other in a championship game. 

“I enjoy the sports that we do and the friendship that I have with my fellow teammates. Gym basketball has been rough [because the team lost most of their games] but, it is what it is,” said junior Nick S. 

There are certain gym classes which are not centered around the traditional sports, like IB Dance, that are offered to give students a way to try something new or to better their skill.  The head teacher of IB Dance classes, Kimberley Cisek, explained how the course gives students opportunities to choreograph, learn, teach, and perform multiple routines for their various showcases. The dancers perform major showcases in January. The course also explores the different types of dances from numerous cultures around the world.

“The real goal for these dancers is to tap into their imaginations and embrace their artistry and learn how to express their ideas through dance,” said Cisek.🔳