Are siblings in school really that cool?

Kristine K., Staff Writer

Students are more likely to have a different high school experience compared to others if they have an older sibling in school with them because of their experience and guidance during their high school years. Yet, younger siblings can often have mixed feelings about attending school with their older siblings. 

“It feels like I’m being watched. I’m not as comfortable as I would be without [my sibling] in it [school]. I think [my sister will] just appear and be listening to my conversations,” said freshman Jillian R. 

While Jillian R.  feels like she’s being watched, freshman Tara V.  has a different opinion. 

“It feels nice to have an extra person you know around the building,” said Tara V.

 While students may feel comforted by the presence of their siblings, others feel like they are being watched or maybe their privacy is being invaded. Students without older siblings don’t experience this. 

“I don’t [wish I had a sibling in school] because I feel like teachers would  know me for who my older sibling was and they would expect me to live up to the expectations,” said freshman Selena L.

Freshman Nicole F. has a similar take on why she didn’t wish she had older siblings in school. 

I don’t wish I had an older sibling in the school with me because I want my teachers to look at me from the perspective of myself rather than judge based on what my siblings did years before me,” said freshman Nicole F.  

Additionally, students without older siblings are able to separate their home life from school, as they are surrounded by different people. 

“Sometimes if you want a break from home, it’s not really helpful because [my sibling] is around [me in school] and when I get home,” said Tara V. 

Jillian Rossi still finds a bright side to this dilemma. 

“I know more rules and how the teachers are. I know what’s expected [from me] when I’m moving up [in grade levels] and it’s helpful,” said Jillian R. 

Tara agrees there are benefits. 

“It’s an extra person to know around the building in case you’re lost or you need help with something,” she said. 

There are many advantages and disadvantages to having siblings in the same school, but it depends on one’s perspective. The same thing goes for students without siblings in school.  

“[You have more freedom] and people know you for yourself and not your older sibling, especially teachers,” said Selena L. 🔳