The Esports club is here

Competitive gamers rejoice!

Jordan V., Staff Writer

With a mission of promoting teamwork and community in mind, an Esports club offering teams for popular games such as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Minecraft, and Madden 22, have been established, much to the delight of students searching for a new way to get involved.

“To be part of a team with other Commack athletes, e-athletes, just going to open the door for students to feel like a part of the Commack community. Traditional sports may not be for them. Maybe there’s a club that doesn’t fit their interests. This opens it up to a very large population because there’s a lot of gamers out there,” said coach and club adviser Robert Raeihle.

Some students that are used to solo or non competitive play look forward to the prospect of enjoying their hobby in a team setting.

“The competitive aspect of it sounds kind of interesting, especially for games like Smash Bros. and Valorant,” said sophomore Kyle D.

Competitions will take place under the High School Esports League, an organizer of local competitions for high school students, which has previously partnered with other Long Island schools including Bay Shore High School and Syosset High School.

“They [High School Esports League] play a variety of games. They also have filters that control both the language and gore, but we don’t play any games above the rating of age 13 and up,” said Raeihle.

While games on the more violent side won’t be present in competitions, it doesn’t seem to deter students who enjoy games beyond their graphic content.

“I really like engaging movement in games. I feel like that’s very important in a fun game,” said sophomore Jordan T.

The Esports club is shaping up to be an opportunity for students to build valuable life skills with others who have shared interests in gaming.🔳