The Courant’s take on the return to “normal”

Melina Nicou and Editorial Board 21-22

After an unusual hybrid school year, students returned to their normal schedules this year. With the return of clubs, sports, and everyday school life, The Courant has formed an opinion on the change.

The Courant feels the transition to in person school each day has been a bit challenging. In waking up each day, students are feeling worn down and tired. However, The Courant believes that this change from last year’s setting has been ultimately beneficial.

The Courant recognizes that learning has been easier because of the connections between students themselves and teachers. In seeing teachers each day, it is easier to ask questions and form relationships. The Courant also feels that working collaboratively with other students has made learning easier and more long lasting. Finally, for the more rigorous courses, such as the IB Diploma, The Courant thinks that the students will be heavily benefited. The curriculum will not be rushed and the material will be better prepared for testing.

The Courant misses virtual school in terms of the free time that it provided. When students were given surplus time at home, it was far easier to complete assignments and manage time. However, The Courant feels that having to find balance is a necessity in high school that will make students successful in the future.

The Courant finds that with clubs returning to in-person meetings, it is hard to attend or commit to many extra curricular activities again. For instance, many honor societies meetings overlap, making students have to choose between activities. Virtually, meetings were later and more meetings could be attended. 

Nevertheless, The Courant is excited to have clubs and afterschool activities meet in person. The social aspect of being in high school seems to have been revived, as it is easier for students to make friends and collaborate with others. In addition, being able to have authentic conversations with other students is an important aspect of socialization that The Courant is ecstatic to have back.

The Courant is ecstatic to continue to transition back to a sense of normality, but also recognizes the prevalent safety concern. In classrooms, it is common to find students wearing masks incorrectly, while desks are often less than 3 feet apart because of the return to larger classroom sizes. The Courant remains optimistic for the hopes of lower infection rates and safety with this transition.🔳