Halloween Happening happened: NAHS event returns in full force

Francesca Marzo, Chief Reporter

The National Art Honor Society is finally back in the art room, creating artwork together once again. The honor society helped bring back Halloween Happening after last year’s event was canceled. 

“Students are engaged and working hard […] it’s nice to have everyone work as a team again,” said National Art Honor Society advisor Marie Adamo.

Halloween Happening is a Commack tradition many students have grown up with. In previous years, the Halloween Happening has had games for children to play, students handed out candy in the halls, and the Haunted House created by National Art Honor Society was an attraction for all ages to enjoy. 

“I’m excited about the Halloween Happening because I used to go to it when I was younger so it’s going to be fun to be incorporated in it,” said junior Megan M. 

Due to this year’s circumstances there was a lack of opportunities for Halloween Happening. This year students weren’t able to give out candy and work on the Haunted House. 

“I wish we were able to do more for [the Halloween Happening]. I wish we were able to make figures and do something related to the Haunted House outside, but it’s really difficult because you have to consider […] what the weather is going to be like,” said Ashley R.

The absence of the Haunted House and change of setting posed the challenge that Halloween Happening may not feel the same. 

“It might be hard to get the same effect because usually inside it’s very decorated and has more of an ambiance. It might be hard to get that same effect outside,” said Megan M.

This year’s main display was a spider sculpture in place of the Haunted House. 

“We created a large outdoor sculpture of a spider that [was] on exhibit […]. We worked with the idea that we could maybe use garbage bags to create the sculpture,” said Adamo.🔳