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Collecting for a cure


Samantha G.

“Tennis with the Teachers” is an annual charity event sponsored by the Varsity Girls Tennis team and benefits breast cancer research.

Jadyn S., Chief Reporter

In order to fund additional research to help decrease the number of breast cancer cases, several sports teams created fundraisers for breast cancer awareness. 

 Specifically, the girls field hockey team and girls junior varsity and varsity volleyball teams collected donations, sold shirts and pizza, and organized raffles during the month of October in order to donate to breast cancer research. 

“Whoever came to the game could donate a dollar to the foundation and we had raffle baskets that you could buy tickets for and there were prizes,” said junior varsity field hockey player, sophomore Josie S.

Like the field hockey team, the girls varsity soccer team dedicates one game per year to those affected by breast cancer and their families in hopes of a brighter future and a potential cure. This year, the team was able to raise nearly three thousand dollars for charity.  

“We always have a ‘Kicks for Cancer’ game, and the coach gave us fundraising cards. There was also a raffle people could donate money to,” said junior varsity soccer player, Deanna P.

Similarly, the girls volleyball team sold items to the public and gave their earnings to breast cancer treatment and research. 

“We sold pizza, had a donation box, and gave out shirts,” said girls volleyball player, sophomore Megan F.

In addition to highlighting the importance of fundraising to help improve the lives of those directly impacted by breast cancer, they also acknowledge relatives and friends who have had to make changes in their own lives after someone’s diagnosis.

“The importance is to spread awareness and bring as much help to this issue, whether it be in our community, with family members, or around the world,” said Josie S.

Through selling pizza and shirts, holding raffles, and devoting games to this particular cause, the players contribute to the ongoing fight against this illness. The members of these teams discussed the empowerment and importance in raising money for a cause.

“You feel good doing it too,” said Deanna P. 

Several of Commack’s athletes and coaches work together each year to design incentives and creative ways to help raise money for breast cancer awareness and research. Each October, the Commack community unites to help solve a worldwide issue, and in the process, helps to positively impact the lives of those affected by the disease.🔳

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Collecting for a cure