Opportunities and beyond!

Carley C., Chief Reporter

Upperclassmen have to overcome various stressors during their last years of high school, from writing college applications to maintaining high averages in their rigorous classes.  

Yet, they can take advantage of all of the opportunities high school has to offer, even if they haven’t done so before. I encourage upperclassmen to leave their last years with no regrets.  For instance, participate in spring spirit week. It increases school spirit, creates a gratifying atmosphere and increases the levels of competition between the classes.

As upperclassmen, it is your responsibility to set the precedents for future grades of what high spirit and inclusivity looks like. 

Keeping an open mind to new opportunities this year can lead to some of the best memories of the high school experience. 

Underclassmen, it’s understandable to worry about what the future holds. But, worrying too much can lead to passing up the best experiences high school has to offer. Make new friends, try new things, and to become whoever you want to be!

The sense of fulfillment one receives from giving genuine effort and being involved in your school is one you will never forget!

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