Not Yet Lost

Stephen M., Staff Writer

It was around a year and half ago since my mental health was at its worst.  I felt depressed, ostracized, and horrible, all at once. There were so many nights in which I couldn’t sleep due to the fear that the next day would be just like the previous one. Without a doubt, this was the lowest point of my life. My friends were few and far between, my grades dropped, and I was desperate to find some form of help. Little did I know, courage can be found in the most unlikely of places.

I knew that my condition would not get any better if I was hesitant to seek help, and even though it was a very difficult decision to make, I knew my mental health depended on it. Even in such a negative state of mind, I still understood that this was the best — and only — course of action.

I reached out to some of my school’s guidance counselors and social workers. Everyone, including my friends and family were very supportive. Yet, none were more encouraging than my therapist: Mia.

Mia and I developed a bond that was essentially inseparable. I made amazing progress towards regaining my mental health and confidence. 

Through a combination of support, sympathy, and even a little laughter, she guided me in overcoming my struggles. I know that, for as long as I live, Mia and everyone else that assisted me to get to the place I am today, will not be forgotten.

“Reaching out to others for support can help a lot with improving mental health, as there are more people to connect with. In addition, practicing mindfulness and pursuing passions can also assist someone that is struggling with their mental state, as it will improve mentality and help down the road,” said  Sara Decker, a social worker at Commack High School.

Taking action by practicing mindfulness can prove paramount as one attempts to improve their mentality.

Learning from experiences that no matter the struggles or the hardships that one may persevere through, things will get better in time. The only thing that one must do in order to improve is to seek help with the right people. 

To the reader, I want you to know that even if you may experience hard times, I can promise that hope is not yet lost.🔳