Jessica B., Social Media Editor

Photos courtesy of students

Jessica B., Social Media Editor

Attending Penn State University

I joined The Courant sophomore year and instantly became captivated with journalism. Writing was not always my strong suit, but The Courant helped me improve and has taught me so many things! I not only learned about writing, but I also became close friends with Anastasia H. and Ellie F. because of The Courant. This club has brought the three of us so much joy and excitement. We enjoyed handing out the newspapers during homeroom to all of the teachers and seeing the joy on their faces.

A piece of advice that I would give the younger classmen is to try new things. I never expected myself to love journalism the way I do now. I am so grateful that I joined The Courant as well as the many other clubs I wouldn’t have typically joined. The Courant has allowed me to venture out of my comfort zone. I was able to write articles on my interests and things I was passionate about.  I also learned how to conduct interviews and meet new people. I want to thank Mrs. Semple for the love and dedication she puts into this amazing club. It was such a pleasure to be a part of The Courant for the past three years.

Lastly, I would like to thank Commack High School for all of the amazing memories and people I have met. To all of the teachers I have had the pleasure of meeting, thank you so much for your guidance and help. There are two teachers I specifically want to thank which are Mr. Tunick and Dr. Jeziorski.  Thank you for always making class so much fun. I truly looked forward to attending both of your classes everyday. As my high school experience comes to an end, I remember all the amazing things I was able to be a part of like Homecoming, Battle of the Classes and all of the clubs Commack has to offer.  I am so sad that it’s time to say goodbye, but I am also excited for what’s to come. Goodbye Commack High School, may you continue to inspire the future students.🔳