Hybrid here to stay

From the desk of the Editorial Board

Melina Nicou, Opinions & Editorials Editor

After surveys and much debate, the Commack school district has decided to continue hybrid learning for the duration of the 2020-2021 school year. 

The Courant feels that the continuation of hybrid learning will maintain several benefits for students. For instance, students will be able to keep the same schedule for school as well as extracurricular activities. Many students took advantage of their virtual learning days by doing activities during their free periods which they will be able to continue doing. The Courant recognizes that guidance counselors would have faced many challenges when trying to restructure schedules for students.

The Courant thinks that keeping students on the same schedule they are adapted to will be better for their mental health. Students might have faced additional anxiety in having to meet new teachers at this point in the year. The Courant feels that because of the uncertainty our community has faced throughout this year, students would benefit from having a known constant that they are well adapted to. The Courant believes that seniors might benefit from having a hybrid schedule as it might better align with their college experience. 

The Courant believes that there are several troubling aspects to continuing a hybrid schedule. The Courant thinks that students would have benefited from being able to see new people and socialize with students they haven’t seen this school year. The Courant feels that for many students it would be far easier to learn in person as students feel more inclined to ask questions and pay attention. Music courses have not gotten to rehearse in person with a live conductor which is an important part of learning for these particular classes. The Courant thinks that certain IB and AP classes have been at a disadvantage in having minimal class time while still having to take rigorous tests. However, the Courant feels that with virtual extra help sessions students will still have the opportunity to properly prepare for these tests. The Courant believes that students who struggle to stay motivated during virtual classes could benefit from visiting the library during their virtual day. 🔳