The Battle of Mack-MAYhem

Carley C., Staff Writer

The Office of Student Life brought complete “mayhem” to Commack High School during the month of May with class competitions, new traditions, and opportunities to be involved in school spirit. 

One of the new activities was class floats. Each class had the opportunity to pick a Disney Musical for the theme of their float. The Seniors chose “High School Musical,” Juniors – “Aladdin,” Sophomores- “Peter Pan” and Freshmen- “Beauty and the Beast.” They had time dedicated to building their floats over the course of two weeks. At the end of May, the classes presented their designs to the administration.

Another new tradition is Class Flags, in which each class has created a flag that represents their grade. The flags were displayed at every Mack Mayhem event.

Mack Mayhem is not only bringing new traditions to CHS but is also bringing everyone together. CHS needs to be in support of one another and have as much inclusivity as possible, especially during these tough times. The virtual events, like Party Bingo hosted Game Night Social, allows all students whether they are in-person or virtual to participate with one another. 

Everyday there was a different event going on, fit to the different interests of students. This included, Family Feud, a Relay Obstacle Course and another Spirit Week. 🔳