The band is back

How Marching Band is Adapting to A New Normal

Juliette Amram, Staff Writer

The Commack High School Marching Band was finally able to hold practices and performances over the past two months, after not playing for over a year, by making some drastic changes due to COVID restrictions. 

Marching Band has always been a favorite part of high school for many students. 

“Everyone looks out for each other and that brings people in lines and sections [close] together. You get to interact and share a common interest with fellow musicians,” said sophomore Jeremy G. via direct message.

In a typical year, preparation for marching band season is extremely rigorous.

During the normal Marching Band season, we usually practice a lot, almost 3 to 4 times a week and two band camps are held. At the band camps, we practice our movements, songs, and meet the people who are in our lines and sections. In a normal year we are also preparing for Newsday and Homecoming,” said band manager Alana K. via text message.

The pandemic, however, brought many changes. 

“Everything was very hasty, and there were a lot of outcomes unaccounted for. We didn’t even play a game this year, just one show,” said Jeremy. 

Some were disappointed that their performances were cancelled and also struggled during practices.

“It’s definitely a lot harder because [we cannot practice with] the full band, due to the every other day scheduling [of students]. We only got to run through [the show] maybe once or twice before the senior presentation,” said band manager Matthew C. 

The marching band was able to adapt to these changes and have a successful season nonetheless. 

“I think they did the most they could. I think the band really adapted well to the new policies and restrictions. Though there were a lot of limitations in place, we were able to put together a really nice show and have productive rehearsals. At first I had no idea what marching band was going to look like, but after I saw that we were all able to get into our lines even with the spacing requirements present, I believe that everyone was able to greatly adjust this year,” said Alana.

The band has optimistic expectations for when the pandemic is over. 

“I think that marching band post-coronavirus will look the same as it did pre-coronavirus, but a little more cautionary, as I think a lot of things will be. I really hope and believe that Newsday will occur again, and that we can play a lot more,” said Alana.🔳