Grab and Go!

Ashley Javier, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Food trucks are a popular, quick, and easy way to grab some food. Recently the presence of food trucks have become a daily occurrence here at Commack High School, with many featuring local businesses. 

Every other day, there is a new food truck parked in the high school’s back parking lot where students can purchase meals from 9:30 am – 1:30 pm. The schedule for the upcoming visits is posted on the Commack School District website under ‘Commack High School’ and ‘News and Announcements’. Here you can find the dates and names of the visiting food trucks. So, with this new installation, I decided to try some options from each food truck over the course of two weeks to see what’s worth buying again. 

The first food truck I bought from was Huntington’s “Crepes & Bakes”, and it’s probably one of my favorite options. Initially glancing at the menu provided by the school, there was an array of options at this truck; sweet and savory crepes, as well as drinks. I visited this place two times, and ordered a sweet sugar & cinnamon crepe and hot chocolate. The second time, I ate a savory cheese crepe. Both times the crepes were served quick and warm, right off the pan. The presentation was pleasant, as the folded crepes dusted with powdered sugar inside a cardboard box, which you would be able to carry around if you didn’t finish your meal. The sweet crepes’ filling were crunchy and adequately stuffed. The savory cheese crepe emulated a quesadilla, but much softer and less gooey, because it seems the cheese hardened before I ate it. The hot chocolate was standard and served very warm. Overall “Crepes & Bakes” had a great arrangement of choices to satisfy a sweet and savory tooth. 


The second food truck was “Katie’s,” a Smithtown based food truck. I visited this food truck multiple times as well, ordering the churros each time. The first time the churros were thin, crunchy, and heavily dusted with cinnamon and sugar. These four churros were served warm, neatly placed in a cardboard tray. The second time, the churros were made similarly except with a sweet filling piped inside the churros.  This was surprising as there was no difference in description with the churros. And the third time, the shape of the churros completely changed. They became thicker and had more of a twisty shape to them, still dusted in the same amount of cinnamon and sugar. These changes in serving were a little unexpected but there are many other options on the menu that seem more standardized.


The third, and most frequent food truck is  “Chiddy’s Cheesesteaks”. This truck has come every Thursday and Friday, and will continue to visit until the end of the school year. Over the course of my visits, I was able to try the mozzarella sticks and cheesy fries. Chiddy’s was very consistent with the food they served. The same proportion of fries and cheese was given to me every time, as well as six mozzarella sticks and a container of marinara sauce. The mozzarella sticks were crunchy and the cheese pulled every time, ensuring that the inside was cooked and warmed up. The breading was nicely seasoned and the given marinara is a nice addition to the meal, and prevented the sticks from being too dry. The cheesy fries servings were plenty, and the cheese was nicely salted and runny enough to almost act as a dip for all the fries. 


The last food truck I was able to visit was the “Iron Mobile Chef” food truck. And I would say that this was also one of my favorites. Firstly, the selection of food ranges from: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. On my visit, I bought a veggie burger, and fried Oreos. After buying only a burger, I was pleasantly surprised when the woman preparing the food served me fries without cost. There weren’t many toppings except for some ketchup squirted in the middle. The burger was a little plain, but the actual patty was filled with vegetables. Biting into it, I could actually see the different vegetables, which is comforting to see as a vegetarian. The fried Oreos were dusted with powdered sugar and the batter reminded me of funnel cake batter. Served warm, the beignets were soft and fluffy.


After reviewing a good amount of the food truck options, I would say that the new installation of these quick meals are a great idea. As a vegetarian, it wasn’t too hard to find things to eat, but for the non-vegetarians, the possibilities are endless, especially with the food trucks alternating every other day. If you have the time to grab something to eat, I suggest trying some crepes at “Crepes & Bakes”, or if you’re vegetarian, a veggie burger at “Iron Mobile Chef.”🔳