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Crazy Crepe


Jenna C., Staff Writer

Crazy Crepe is a small restaurant located in Smithtown, NY. It is a great place to go with a few friends or your family. If you plan on going with more than 4 people, I would recommend calling ahead to make sure seating is available. 


The severs at Crazy Crepe were very nice.  Times are very difficult for the workers due to Covid-19, but they handled everything very well. After ordering my food and drink I got everything fairly quickly. I would rate their service an 8/10.


The taste of the food was amazing! I ordered the Smores Crepe and Strawberry Supreme Smoothie. The Smoothie was quite pricey,  being $5.49 for a one size drink. Other than that, I loved my meal and would definitely get it again! I would rate the taste 10/10.


I would recommend going either earlier in the day or later at night for a smaller crowd. 

Times they are open:       

Saturday & Sunday 8AM–11PM
Monday- Friday 9AM–11PM


Crazy Crepe is known for their delicious crepes but they have a lot of different options:

Savory Crepes $9.25- $10.95

Sweet Crepes $7.95- $9.20

Breakfast Crepes $7.50- $9.95

Belgian Waffles $7.25- $8.95

Espresso $2.00- $4.95

Wraps and Salads $5.99- $9.95

Smoothies $4.99- $6.49

Acai Bowls $8.95- $10.95



Crazy crepe challenge is a fun challenge you can compete in for $20 plus tax that involves eating a Breakfast Crepe, Italian Crepe and Crazy Crepe. If you are able to finish all three in one sitting, you do not have to pay for the meal and your picture will be plastered on the Wall of Fame. 🔳