Glimpses of Light


Carley C.

GSALC members assembled birthday boxes in the senior cafeteria.

Carley C., Staff Writer

The Girl Scholar Athletes Leadership Club has found a way to create “light” during these dark times by partnering with an organization called “Birthday Wishes.” 

This organization donates all basic birthday party necessities to homeless children who are not able to celebrate.  This club not only donated all birthday needs, but created boxes full of cake mix, frosting, streamers and more to give a full birthday experience.

The members of GSALC had to donate the various items and volunteer to help put the boxes together…we had members stay after and place all the items in each box. The fundraiser would not have been successful without the donations of all the items from the members and the members’ willingness to stay after to create them,” said adviser of Girl Scholar Athletes Leadership Club Holly Bellisari, in an email.

The enthusiasm of the GSALC members made the fundraiser so successful that the members continued the donation process to be able to create even more “light” in their community.

They are “in the process of creating birthday goodie bags that will be created and brought to the organization by the end of the month,” said Bellisari.

If interested in sharing the “light” like the Girls from GSALC did, donations can be on their website at 🔳