Life slowly creeps back to normal

Soyoun (Ashley) M., Managing Editor

As the rollout of the vaccinations expanded, pandemic restrictions began to loosen up.

Indoor fitness classes are beginning to resume at 33% capacity, restaurants may seat up to 75% capacity indoors, and students who have attended virtual are returning to school.

According to PIX 11, these reopenings, or loosened restrictions, are beginning to take effect as more than 2.6 million New Yorkers have been fully vaccinated against COVID.

“As of February 24, we do not truly know the effect of the vaccines on transmission of COVID-19.  What we do know is that they are effective at stopping vaccinated people from becoming sick from COVID. However, we are starting to see some studies which are really encouraging regarding transmission too.  They’ve been tracking how many people who’ve been vaccinated have been getting infected without symptoms (compared to unvaccinated people), and they are finding that vaccinated people are quite well-protected (though not perfectly) from asymptomatic infection,” said science teacher Dr. Kramer, via email.

Mitigating the transmissibility of the virus is vital in controlling the spread of COVID, which is also seen through social distancing and masks.

“Viruses travel primarily through the air via respiratory droplets…[which is] where the 6 feet comes from…There’s no physical barrier stopping the virus from traveling further; it’s just that distance from a source causes it to dilute out. Masks stop droplets from leaving the immediate area of an infected person, which is important.  If the droplets never get into the air, then they can’t infect others,” said Kramer.

Although the vaccination may allow for some restrictions to loosen, it is crucial for everyone to remain vigilant, safe, and follow CDC guidelines until there comes a point of immunity.

“The science is breath-taking, yet well-developed for over a decade.  The vaccines have been thoroughly tested for safety and efficacy and will ultimately create a level of immunity that will allow us all to get back to the lives we so desperately wish to reclaim.  So, as soon as it’s your turn to be eligible, be confident that you are doing yourself and society a whole lot of good.  We will get through this,” said Kramer.🔳