Should Sports Come Back If There Are No Fans Allowed At Games?

From the desk of our Sports Editor

Jordan R., Sports Editor

Think back to any great moment in sports. There were probably thousands of fans cheering during it. Fans are what makes sports. There would be no sports without fans.

But what if fans weren’t allowed to attend the sporting events? This is exactly what most major sports leagues are looking at as they plan for the future. Sporting events would only be held with essential personnel in attendance.

We are getting our first glimpse of what this is like right now. The KBO (Korean Baseball Organization) has started their regular season and the games are being broadcasted on ESPN.

There will be no booing the away team. No cheering after home runs and important wins. From a business standpoint, franchises lose out from ticket sales and other stadium revenues (concessions and advertisements).

Of course, fans will still be able to watch on TV at home, but the experience seen, even on TV, will not be the same when watching games with no fans in attendance.

This will be argued over for an extensive period while American sports leagues try to establish plans going forward. These leagues simultaneously must worry about mass testing players and travel restrictions.

Some people will take sports back as soon as possible and others will argue that without fans playing games will be pointless without fans in attendance. In the end it us up to the leagues and it is too soon to tell how exactly it will play out.🔳